The Link to Financial Dimensionscell contains links to the financial data to include in each row of a report. This cell contains dimension values, but you can specify cells in an Excel worksheet instead of, or in addition to, segment values or dimension values. For information about how to link to Excel worksheets, including how to change the type of link, see Link reports to Microsoft Excel .

To open the Dimensionsdialogue box, double-click the Link to Financial Dimensionscell.

Note Note

Report Designer cannot select any account, dimension, or field from the Microsoft Dynamics ERP system that includes the following reserved characters: & * [ ].

To specify information for a row that is already in the row definition, add the information in the Link to Financial Dimensionscell. To add new rows that link to the financial data, use the Insert Rows fromdialogue box to create new rows in the report definition.

The column title changes depending on how the column is configured, as shown in the following table.

When this link type is selected

The description on the Link column changes to

Financial Dimensions

Link to Financial Dimensions

External Worksheet

Link to Worksheet

Financial Dimensions + Worksheet

Link to Financial Dimensions + Worksheet

Specify a dimension or range

  1. In Report Designer, open the row definition to modify. Double-click a cell in the Link to Financial Dimensionscolumn.

  2. In the Dimensionsdialogue box, double-click a cell under the dimension name.

  3. In the dialogue box for the dimension, select Individual or range.

  4. Enter the starting dimension in the Fromfield, or click Browseto search for available dimensions. To enter a range of dimensions, enter the ending dimension in the Tofield.

  5. Click OKto close the dialogue box for the dimension. The updated dimension or range is displayed in the Dimensionsdialogue box.

  6. Click OKto close the Dimensionsdialogue box.

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