Use folders to organise your reports, building blocks, and other objects in Management Reporter.

Move a folder or object in Report Designer

When you move a folder or building block that is used for a report, Management Reporter maintains the link to the moved object. As a result, you do not need to update the associations between building blocks and reports.

  1. In Report Designer, use the navigation pane to locate the folder or building block to move.

  2. Select the folder or item, and then drag it to a new location in the navigation pane. All contents of a folder are moved with the folder.

Move a folder or report in the report library

If you move a folder in the report library that is used as the output location for a report, the report library location in the associated report definition is updated.

However, if any of the reports in the moved folder have related report links, you must manually update the report links on the Output and Distributiontab of the report definition. For more information about related report links, see Generate a report .

When you move a report, you can move either the most recent version or all versions of the report. If you move a specific version, that version is no longer associated with the original report and will not be updated when the report is regenerated.

  1. In Report Viewer, click Report Libraryin the navigation pane.

  2. Select a folder or report, and then drag it to a different folder or to the report library. All contents of a folder are moved with the folder.

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