XML Paper Specification (XPS) is designed to give you a consistent document appearance, regardless of where and how the document is viewed. XPS documents also support security features, such as digital signatures, to provide better document security. When applied to a document, digital signatures can help ensure the identity of the signer and indicate whether an XPS document has changed since it was signed.

To create a link that opens a report as an XPS document, see Share a report .

To specify display options for XPS documents, see Report viewing options .

To export a report as an XPS document in Report Viewer, see Export a report .

For more information about XPS and its benefits, see XPS Documentsand XML Paper Specification: Overview.

Note Note

To use XPS features, you must have the Microsoft XPS Viewer installed. This viewer is automatically installed on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Internet Explorer 6, Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8, and Internet Explorer 9. To download the viewer, see Microsoft XML Paper Specification Essentials Pack.