In the Format Codecolumn in a row definition, the DES, LFT, RGT, CEN, ---, and ===format codes apply formatting to non-amount rows. To avoid printing this formatting when the related amount rows are suppressed, because the amount rows contain zero values, you must relate the format rows to the corresponding amount rows. This is helpful when you want to suppress the printing of headers or formatting related to subtotals when there is no detail to print for the period.

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You can also suppress the detailed amount rows from printing by clearing the option to display rows with no amounts, which is on the Settingstab of the report definition.

Relate a format row to an amount row

  1. In Report Designer, click Row Definitions, and then select a row definition to modify.

  2. In the Related Formulas/Rows/Unitscell in the formatting row, type the row code of the amount row to be suppressed.

  3. On the Filemenu, click Save.


In the following example, Phyllis wants to suppress printing of the heading and underscores in the Total Cash row in her report because there was no activity in either of the cash accounts. She types 190, the amount row code to be suppressed, in the Related Formulas/Rows/Unitscell in row 160, which is a formatting row because the Format Code is ---.

Suppress printing example

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