The following types of reporting units are used in Management Reporter:

  • A detail unit draws information directly from the financial data, from an Excel spreadsheet file, or from another Management Reporter worksheet.

  • A summary unit summarises data from lower-level units.

A parent reporting unit is a summary unit that aggregates summarised information from a detail unit. A summary unit can be both a detail unit and a summary unit, which means that a summary unit can draw information from a lower unit, the financial data, or an Excel spreadsheet. A parent unit can be the child unit of a higher parent unit.

A child reporting unit can be a detail unit that pulls information directly from the financial data or a spreadsheet. It can also be an intermediate summary unit, which is the parent unit to a lower unit and is also the child unit to a higher-level summary unit.

The most common scenario for reporting units is to have parent units with a blank link in dimensions and to have child units with links to specific or wildcard dimension combinations.


The reporting unit structure in the following reporting tree is as follows:

  • The Beijing Office reporting unit is a parent unit to the Beijing Sales and Beijing Service child units.

  • The Beijing Sales division unit is both a child unit of the Beijing Office and a parent unit to the Retail Sales and Wholesale Sales units.

  • The lowest-level detail reporting units (Retail Sales, Wholesale Sales, Studio, and Lab) represent departments in the financial data. These reporting units are in the shaded area of the diagram.

  • The higher-level summary units summarise information from the detail units.

Fabrikam reporting tree

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