Use the Page Setupdialogue box to change the margins, orientation, scaling, page order, and paper size for reports. This page setup applies to all reports in the current Management Reporter session, only. When you close Management Reporter, the page setup reverts to the default page setup for the report. To make permanent changes to page setup, see Page Setup options in report definition .

Change page setup

  1. When viewing a report in Report Viewer, click File, and then click Page Setup.

  2. Modify the Page Setupoptions as needed.

  3. Click OK.

The following options are available:




Select the width of the top, bottom, left, and right margins of the report. The default margin value is 0.75 inches.


Resize the report page.

  • Reduce or enlarge to– Changes the size of the printed report and maintains the proportions of the report columns.

  • Shrink to page width– Adjusts the size of report columns to fit on a single page of paper. Page width is based on the Paper sizedimension.


Select Landscapefor horizontal page orientation or Portraitfor vertical page orientation.

Page Order

Controls the order that the report pages are displayed.

  • Down, then over– Information in report pages is read or displayed down in columns first, and then over in rows.

  • Over, then down– Information in report pages is read or displayed across in rows first, and then down in columns.

Paper size

Select the page size that is appropriate for your location or project requirements.

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