To add or subtract monetary amounts in one account from the monetary amounts in another account, you can use the plus sign (+) and the minus sign (-) in the Link to Financial Dimensionscell.

The following table shows acceptable formats for adding and subtracting links to financial data.

To do this:

Use this format:

Add two fully-qualified accounts


+Division=[000], Account=[1205], Department=[00]

+Division=[100], Account=[1205], Department=[00]

Add two segment values



Add segment values that include wildcard characters



Add a range of fully-qualified accounts


+Division=[000:100], Account=[1205], Department=[00]

Add a range of segment values



Add a range of segment values that include wildcard characters



Subtract one fully-qualified account from another fully-qualified account


+Division=[000], Account=[1205], Department=[00]-Division=[100], Account=[1205], Department=[00]

Subtract one segment value from another segment value



Subtract a segment value that includes a wildcard character from another segment value



Subtract a range of fully-qualified accounts


-Division=[000:100], Account=[1200:1205], Department=[00:01]

Subtract a range of segment values



Subtract a range of segment values that include wildcard characters



Although you can modify the accounts directly, you can also use the Dimensionsdialogue box to apply the correct formatting to your financial data links. Any of the values can include wildcard characters (? or *). Report Designer cannot select any account, dimension, or field from the Microsoft Dynamics ERP system that includes the following reserved characters: & * [ ].

Note Note

To subtract values, you must put parentheses around those values. For example, if you enter 450?-(4509), +Account=[4509]-Account=[450?],you are instructing Management Reporter to subtract the amount for account segment 4509 from the amount for any account segment that starts with 450.

Add or subtract accounts from other accounts

  1. In Report Designer, open the row definition to modify.

  2. Double-click a cell in the Link to Financial Dimensionscolumn.

  3. In the first row of the Dimensionsdialogue box, follow these steps:

    • In the Operator +/-cell, select the operation ( +or -) that applies to one or more segment values or sets in the row.

    • Double-click the cell in the Divisioncolumn. In the Divisiondialogue box, select Individual or range, and then enter a segment value in the Fromcolumn.

  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to add more operations.

    Note Note

    The operator always applies to the dimensions in the same row.

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