You can rename folders, reports, building blocks, and other objects in Management Reporter to help organise your files. Depending on the type of object that you rename, you might have to update associations to that object.

Rename a folder or building block in Report Designer

In Report Designer, you can rename folders, report definitions, row definitions, column definitions, and reporting tree definitions.

Note Note

When you rename a building block, you must update any reporting definitions that use the building block, or new report cannot be generated successfully.

  1. In Report Designer, use the navigation pane to locate the folder or object to rename.

  2. Right-click the folder or object, and then click Rename. The Namefield in the navigation pane becomes active.

  3. Type a new name, and press Enter.

  4. If the item is a row definition, a column definition, or a reporting tree definition, you must update other building blocks that are associated with the item. Right-click the item that you renamed in step 3, select Associations, and then select an item in the list to update it.

  5. Repeat step 4 until all associated items are updated.

Rename a report or folder in the report library

In Report Viewer, you can rename folders, reports, report versions, and external documents in the report library.

When you rename a folder that is used as the output location for a report, the link to the renamed folder is used as the output location for all future versions of that report.

When you rename a report in the report library, you are renaming a specific version of the report. The next time that the report is generated, the original report name is used, but your renamed version still appears in the version list.

  1. In Report Viewer, click Report libraryin the navigation pane.

  2. Right-click an item, and then click Rename.

  3. Type a new name, and then press Enter.

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