The content of the Row Modifiercell in a row definition overrides the accounting years, periods, and other information that is specified in the column definition for that row. The selected modifier applies to every account in the row. For definitions of the options in the Row Modifierdialogue box, see Row modifier in row definitions .

Override row information

When necessary, replace the hash sign (#) with a numeric value.

  1. In Report Designer, open the row definition to modify.

  2. Double-click the Row Modifiercell in the row where you want to override the column definition. The Row Modifierdialogue box opens.

  3. Select an option in the Account modifierfield. For a list of options, see Account modifiers .

  4. In the Book codemodifier field, select the book code to use for the row.

  5. Under Attributes, add an entry for each attribute to be included with the row code as follows:

    • Double-click the Attributecell, and select an attribute name.

    • Double-click the Fromcell, and type the first value for the range.

    • Double-click the Tocell, and type the final value for the range.

  6. Click OK.

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