The Fact pane appears to the right of the view pane when you have opened a report in Report Viewer. It displays the comments that are in the report and any charts that you have created from the report data.

To hide or display the Fact pane, from the Viewmenu, click Fact Pane. If the Fact pane is hidden and you add a comment to a report row, the Fact pane is displayed. To expand and collapse the fact pane, click the arrow in the upper-right corner. To change the width of the pane, select the splitter bar on the left side of the pane.

Comments in the report are shown at the top of the Fact pane. You can use the scroll buttons to scroll through the comments, or you can click a comment, and then use the arrow keys to move through them. You can add or delete a comment using the icons in the Comment toolbar. For more information about comments, see Add a comment to a report .

Charts that you have created from the content of the report are listed under the comments in the Fact pane. Click on a chart title to view it in the Fact pane, and double-click a chart to open it in a new window. For more information about how to create charts, see Create a chart .

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