When you modify a number or calculation in one column of a particular row but do not want to affect other columns in the report, you can specify CAL(for Calculation) in the Format Codecolumn of the row definition.

Modify a number in selected columns

  • To perform a calculation on all report ( FD) columns, do notenter a column assignment.

  • To restrict a formula to certain columns, enter the column letter followed by an equal sign ( =) and the formula.

  • You can specify multiple columns. When you use the at sign ( @) with specific column placement, the @relates to the row.

  • You can enter multiple column formulas in one row if they are separated by commas.


This calculation

Creates this action


The value in row 130 is multiplied for each column by .75, and then the result is put in the current row of every column.


The calculation is performed only on column B.



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