Use the Processing orderoptions to specify the order in which rollups, calculations, and rounding are completed when a report is generated. The following processing order options are available:



Rollup values in reporting tree

Rounds the reporting unit values and then rolls up the results into the summary unit. When you use this option, every report in your tree correctly totals (foots). However, the totals in the summary report might not be the same as a similar summary report that does not use a reporting tree.

Perform calculations

Calculates rows and columns.

Apply rounding

Applies rounding to all values if you select any Rounding precisionoption other than None.

Adjust the processing order

  1. In Report Designer, open the report definition to modify. Click the Settingstab.

  2. In the Processing orderfield, select a process, and then click Move Upor Move Downto indicate the processing order for the report.

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