When you have a balance sheet in which the amounts are rounded, totals may be out of balance. You can correct this by using the rounding adjustment option.

The following table shows how amounts are rounded.

Row Code

Amounts without rounding

Amount with rounding to whole thousands










In this table, the totals of rows 100 and 200 differ when rounding is turned on. For example, when you use the rounding option in a balance sheet report and the report definition also specifies rounding, you can use the rounding adjustment option in the row definition to balance the amounts in the balance sheets.

Adjust rounding in a balance sheet

  1. In Report Designer, click Row Definitions, and then open the row definition to modify.

  2. On the Editmenu, click Rounding Adjustment.

  3. In the Rounding Adjustmentsdialogue box, enter the following values:

    • Rounding adjustment row– The row code for the row that will be adjusted to balance the balance sheet.

    • Total assets row– The row code for the row in the balance sheet that contains the total assets.

    • Total liabilities and equity row– The row code for the row in the balance sheet that contains the total liabilities and equity.

    • Adjustment amount limit– The limit, expressed as a positive whole number, on automatic adjustments. This amount is compared with the absolute value of the actual rounding difference.

      Note Note

      These row codes must be linked directly to your financial data. In other words, the row must have a dimension value in its Link to Financial Dimensionscell. Do notreference a description ( DESC), calculated ( CALC), or totalled ( TOT) row.

The amounts in your balance sheet will balance evenly when rounding is turned on.

Note Note

The adjustment limit is applied based on the Rounding precisionoption that is specified for the report definition. For example, if you select to round your report to thousands and enter 2in the Adjustment amount limitbox, a warning message is displayed when the value identified in the Rounding adjustment rowbox increases or decreases by more than $2,000.

For more information, see Specify rounding options in a report definition .

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