You can print the current view, current page, current reporting unit, selected reporting units, or all reporting units. When working with a detailed report, you can print the entire financial report, which combines all supporting details, or you can print specific detailed reports.

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To change the report page setup in Report Viewer, on the Filemenu, click Page Setup.

Print a report

  1. In Report Viewer, click Report Libraryin the navigation pane, and open the report to be printed.

  2. On the Filemenu, click Print, or click Printin the toolbar.

  3. Select the print destination in the Printerfield. To change the printer options, click Printers.

  4. Under Print range, select one of the following options.

    • Current View- Prints the current view of a report. For example, if the current report view is three pages, those three pages are printed.

    • Current Page– Prints the page that is currently displayed in Report Viewer.

    • Current Reporting Unit– Prints the current reporting unit of a reporting tree. For example, if the current reporting unit is three pages, three pages are printed.

    • Selected reporting units– Opens a dialogue box where you can select the reporting units to print.

    • All reporting units– Prints all reporting units in a reporting tree.

  5. Under Report type, select one or more of the following options. If you selected Current Viewor Current pagefor the Print rangeoption, these options are not available.

    • Financial report– Prints only the financial report.

    • Account details– Prints only the account details report.

    • Transaction details– Prints only the transaction details report.

    • Exception report– Prints only the exception details report.

  6. To print any comments that are included in the report, select Include comments.

  7. Specify the width of the report columns, or select Autofitto automatically define the column width.

  8. Specify the number of copies to print and whether to collate multiple copies, and then click OKto print the report.

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