Use a row total formula to add or subtract amounts in other rows. A formula for creating a row total can include the +and -operators to combine individual row codes and ranges, indicated by a colon ( :). The formula can be up to 1024 characters.

The following is an example of a standard totalling formula:


Components of a row total formula

When you create a row total formula, you must use row codes to specify which rows to add or subtract in the current row definition, and use operators to specify how the rows are combined. Total rows and amount rows can be used in any combination.

Note Note

All total rows that are within a range are excluded. To create a grand total, you can specify the entire range of rows. If the first row of a range is a total, that row is included in the new total.

The following table describes how operators are used in row total formulas:


Example formula




Adds the amount in row 100 to the amount in row 330.



Sums the totals of all rows between row 100 and row 330.



Subtracts the amount in row 100 from the amount in row 330.

Create a row total

  1. In Report Designer, click Row Definitions, and then open the row definition to modify.

  2. Double-click the Format Codecell in the row definition, and select TOT.

  3. In the Related Formulas/Rows/Unitscell, type the total formula.

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