Management Reporter uses several levels of security to help ensure that only authorised users can perform tasks in Management Reporter, modify the building blocks that are used for reports, and view the reports that are generated to the report library.

For information about securing individual reports or folders, see Report security options .

User security and permissions

Users in Management Reporter are assigned to one of four roles: administrator, designer, generator, or viewer. Some security permissions are limited to certain roles, but you can also modify security permissions for individual users, or assign users to a group and then modify security for the entire user group.

By default, all new users are assigned to the role of viewer.

For more information, see Users in Management Reporter .

Note Note

Depending on the Microsoft Dynamics ERP system that you are integrating with, user roles might automatically be assigned, based on user permissions in the ERP database. For more information, see the integration guide for your Microsoft Dynamics ERP system.

Report Designer security

Security settings in Report Designer are managed through company access and protected building blocks.

To access information for a specific company, you must be granted access to that company by an administrator in Management Reporter. For more information, see Manage access to a company and Reset password for company access .

You can also protect individual building blocks from modifications by using a password. Other users cannot modify the protected building block, but they can still view it and use to generate reports. For more information, see Lock a building block .

If you are using a reporting tree, you can restrict access to specific reporting units in the tree, and prevent certain users or user groups from accessing the reporting unit. For more information, see Restrict access to a reporting unit .

Report library security

In Report Viewer, security can be set up for individual folders, reports, and report groups in the report library. You can store reports in a public folder that all Management Reporter users can access, or you can limit folders, reports, and report groups to specific users or user groups. You can define security settings only for folders that you are granted access to by an administrator in Management Reporter.

For more information, see Report library security and Change report library permissions .

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