You can set up user preferences to customise your interactions with Management Reporter and to control the initial logon experience and the display of individual reports, the report library, and the default file locations.

Select user preferences

  1. In Report Designer, select the Toolsmenu, and then click Options.

  2. In the Optionsdialogue box, set up your preferences. For more information about option descriptions, refer to the information below.

  3. Click OK.

Options dialogue box options

User Option


At startup:

The following options are available:

  • Show Welcome Page– Provides quick access to common tasks in Management Reporter.

  • Load last loaded report– Displays the report that you viewed last.

  • Show Open window– Displays the Openwindow. The Openwindow provides a search window to quickly find building blocks.

  • Show empty environment– Displays an empty Management Reporter screen.

Display confirmation before exiting Management Reporter

Displays a warning message when you exit. This is to make sure that you do not exit the program unintentionally.

Automatically apply cell underline in column headers

Inserts an underline in the cell of a new column header.

Report library location

Specifies the default location for the report library. You can change the default report library location if all of the reports that you work on are located in a subfolder of the report library. You must have permission to access this folder to be able to generate reports.

Management Reporter files location

Specifies the default location for files. Management Reporter uses the default location when you export building block groups and Excel files.

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