Management Reporter 2012 contains the following new features to help you create, view, and interact with reports to save you time and effort.

New Feature


Report design flexibility

Report Designer features enhanced reporting options for report design:

  • Easily save and resume dimension combinations when designing reports.

  • Control how dimension descriptions are formatted and displayed.

  • Quickly identify accounts or dimensions that have been omitted from report building blocks. For more information, see Missing account analysis .

  • Format headers for rolling forecasts. For more information, see Conditional spanning headers .

Financial report collaboration

The following features help you manage the generation and distribution of reports:

  • Schedule reports to automatically generate on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis. For more information, see Schedule reports .

  • Export to the read-only .XPS format, which provides better document security with digital signatures. For more information, see XPS and Management Reporter .

  • Export to a Microsoft Excel worksheet. For more information, see Excel and Management Reporter .

  • Publish reports to a Microsoft SharePoint or network location. For more information, see Share a report .

  • For easy distribution, you can now create emails that contain links to reports. For more information, see Share a report .

Interactive report viewing

Interactive features have been added to Report Viewer so that you can perform the following:

  • Quickly create a chart based on selected report rows and columns.

  • Locate key features in Report Viewer with enhanced toolbar options.

  • Jump to key areas of the report for fast analysis.

  • Easily find a page in a report.

  • Add comments to important rows in a report version.

  • Copy comments from one version of a report to another version.

  • Initiate an instant message exchange with co-workers using Microsoft Lync 2010 while you are viewing the report.

For more information, see Interactive components in Report Viewer .

Deeper Microsoft Dynamics ERP integration

Integrate data between a Microsoft Dynamics ERP system and Management Reporter to create reports. You can view and work with information from Microsoft Dynamics in financial reports from Management Reporter without affecting the original data in the Microsoft Dynamics ERP system.

The following features are now available for integrations:

  • While you are viewing a report, you can view the source information and transaction detail in the Microsoft Dynamics ERP system. For more information, see Drill to Dynamics .

  • Display or filter on properties of dimensions and transactions to design more precise financial reports.

  • Import company information from a Microsoft Dynamics ERP data into Management Reporter.

For more information about integration options, and reporting features for a Microsoft Dynamics ERP system, see the data integration guidefor your Microsoft Dynamics ERP.