You can create a password to protect and lock a building block. Doing so adds a level of security to a report component without securing the entire system. This can protect building block information that is very important to your month-end reporting process.

A user in any role can protect a building block; however, a protected component is always available to users in a read-only capacity. Users can open, change, and save the protected component with a new name. A user who has the role of administrator can always access and change a protected building block.

To use the locking function from any report building block, click the Protect/Unprotecticon in the toolbar.

Protect a building block

  1. In Report Designer, open the report component to protect, such as a row definition, column definition, report definition, or reporting tree definition.

  2. In the menu, click the Protect/Unprotecticon to open the Protectdialogue box.

  3. Type and confirm a password, and then click OK.

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