You can change the magnification of the print on a report to make it easier to read.

Change report magnification using a predefined zoom setting or a custom setting

  1. Open a report in Report Viewer.

  2. On the Viewmenu, click Zoom. Select a predefined zoom size, or click Otherto enter a custom zoom size.

Change report magnification using the slider

To use the slider to change report magnification, open a report in Report Viewer and complete one of the following steps:

  • On the bottom of the report window, click the slider and drag it to the right to increase magnification. Drag the slider to the left to reduce magnification.

  • Click the +sign to increase magnification, or click the sign to reduce magnification.

  • Click the report magnification number to open the Zoomdialogue box. Select a magnification percentage and then click OK.

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