A dimension filter is used to restrict the FDcolumn to specific dimension values.

The filter can include a single dimension, a range of dimensions, or a group of dimensions. The filter can also include dimension value sets. Because dimension values can vary, a dimension-based system does not have to adhere to an exact length.

The filter is applied, regardless of whether the report includes a reporting tree.

You can use a wildcard character (? or *) in any position. When you specify multiple accounts, place a comma between accounts, as in the following example:

+Account=[1200], +Account=[1100], Department=[01?]

To receive all departments for a specific account, you can exclude the Department dimension in the dimension filter. For example,


is treated the same as:


You can also use any combination of alphanumeric characters for exact matching, and you can define partial dimensions. For example, Location = [10*]includes all location dimension values that begin with 10.

Apply a dimension filter for a column in a report

  1. In Report Designer, open the column definition to modify.

  2. Double-click the Dimension Filtercell for an FDcolumn.

  3. In the Dimensionsdialogue box, enter the filter(s) to apply.

  4. Click OK.

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