If you have multiple company profiles, you must select one of the companies as the default company. Management Reporter uses the data files and the appropriate general ledger data from the default company to build row definitions, column definitions, reporting tree definitions, and to generate financial reports. By default, the company description in the report definition appears on all reports that are created in Management Reporter.

Note Note

A company cannot be selected as a default company until you have configured your Microsoft Dynamics ERP system. For more information about configuring the connection to your system, see the data provider documentation for your Microsoft Dynamics ERP system.

Select a default company

  1. In Report Designer, close all building block definition windows that are open.

  2. On the Companymenu, click Companies.

    The Companiesdialogue box displays a list of existing companies.

  3. Select a company, and then click Set As Default. A check mark appears next to the default company.

    Note Note

    If an existing company does not appear in the Companiesdialogue box, you do not have permission to access that company.

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