The Normal Balancecell within a row definition controls the sign of the amounts in a row. To reverse the sign of a row, or if the normal balance of an account is a credit, enter a Cin the Normal Balancecell for that row. Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics ERP reverses the sign on all credit balance accounts in that row. When Management Reporter converts these accounts, it removes the debit/credit characteristic from all amounts, which makes totalling very straightforward. For example, to calculate net income, you subtract expenses from income.

Totalled and calculated rows typically are not affected by a Ccode. The exception is that the XCRprint control in the column definition reverses the sign of any row that contains a Cin the Normal Balancecolumn. This formatting is especially important when you want to show all unfavourable variances as negative amounts. If a totalled or calculated number displays the wrong sign, place a Cin the Normal Balancecell for the row to reverse the sign. For more information about the column definition Print Control, see Select print control in row definition .

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