To tag items of data in a report, you must link to an XBRL taxonomy.

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To link to an XBRL taxonomy, the company that you are creating a report for must have an XBRL entity associated with it. For more information, see Create and maintain XBRL entities .

Add an XBRL taxonomy row link

To link a row to an XBRL taxonomy label, complete the following steps:

  1. In Report Designer, open a row definition for a company that has an XBRL entity associated with it.

  2. On the Editmenu, click Row Link. The Row Linksdialogue is displayed.

  3. Click Newto create a new link.

  4. In the Link definitionarea, select XBRL taxonomyfor the link type. Enter a name and description for the link.

  5. To add XBRL labels for each amount row based on the row description, select the Add XBRL labels in row linkcheck box.

  6. Click OK. The Link to XBRL taxonomycolumn is added to the row definition and the XBRL label selectdialogue is displayed.

  7. In the XBRL Label Selectiondialogue box, under Possible matches for, select an XBRL label to attach to the row. You can browse the possible matches for the label or browse the entire taxonomy in the hierarchal pane. You can also click Findto search by keyword.

Browse for an XBRL taxonomy label

To browse through the taxonomy in the XBRL Label Selectiondialogue box, complete the following steps:

  1. In the Taxonomy viewfield, specify how the taxonomy is displayed:

    • Use the Presentationview to browse labels by title.

    • Use the Definitionview to browse labels by definition.

  2. Use the Filterfield to narrow search results to a particular label topic.

  3. In the Data typefield, select a label. One of the following data types will be assigned automatically. The data type defines the kind of data that will be tagged with the XBRL item.

    • Text box is blank (Abstract)

    • Tuple (Tuple)

    • Monetary (Monetary)

    • Decimal (Decimal)

    • Shares (Shares)

    • Pure (Decimal)

    • Integer (Integer)

    • True or False (Boolean)

    • Date (Date)

    • Date/Time (DateTime)

    • Time (Time)

    • Text (String)

  4. For some data types, you must specify how to report that item. Do this in the Report the selected item asfield.

  5. If the Valuelist option is available, you can enter or select a note for the data type and label.

  6. The Documentation, References, and Propertiestabs display information that is relevant to the selected label.

  7. Double-click the selection and the label will appear in the Link to XBRL Taxonomycell of the row definition.

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