A multiple currency report can display amounts in the natural (local), functional (default), or reporting currency. A company’s functional currency is defined in the Microsoft Dynamics ERP system. Do not confuse this ERP setting with the operating system regional options setting where you can configure the default currency symbols to be used on reports.

The following currency-related cells are in the column definition:

  • Currency Source– Specifies the type of currency (natural, functional, or reporting) in which the transactions are displayed. This functionality is sometimes called currency translation, which is the ability to report general ledger amounts in a currency that may not be the functional currency of the company, and it may not be the currency in which the transaction was entered.

  • Currency Filter– Specifies a currency filter. Only transactions entered in the selected currency are displayed in the report.

To determine a company’s functional currency, do the following:

  1. In Report Designer, on the Companymenu, click Companiesto open the Companiesdialogue box.

  2. Select a company, and then click View. The View Companydialogue box opens. The currency defined for this company is shown under Regional options.

For more information about creating a multiple currency report, see Multicurrency translation .

Specify the currency in a multiple currency report

  1. In Report Designer, open the column definition to modify.

  2. Double-click the Currency Sourcecell in an FDcolumn.

  3. Select an option for displaying currency information: Natural/originating currency, Functional currency from company information, or the reporting currency.

  4. Double-click the Currency Filtercell in the FDcolumn, and then select the appropriate currency code in the list. Only transactions entered in this currency are displayed in the report.

Note Note

The options described here may differ based on the ERP system. For more information, see data integration guide for your ERP system.


Phyllis has made the following currency selections in her column definition:

  • Currency Source– Functional (Pounds)

  • Currency Filter– Canadian dollars

Because of the currency filter selection, the report prints only transactions that were entered in Canadian dollars. Because of the currency source selection, the report displays those transactions in the functional currency (Pounds).

Currency filter and currency source combinations

The following table illustrates the report results for various combinations of Currency Sourceand Currency Filter. The functional currency is Pounds (GBP).

Currency Source

Currency Filter

Report Result

Natural/originating currency



Functional currency from company information



Functional currency from company information



Natural/originating currency



* Conversion rate at approximately 100 yen per pound.

** Functional currency from company information currency source with an unset currency filter displays the sum of all transactions.

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