You can search for financial accounts and dimensions that might be missing across all row definitions, reporting tree definitions, and report definition in a building block group. This is especially useful when you create or update several account or building blocks during a short time period, and you want to verify all new information is included in your reports.

Management Reporter determines missing accounts by using the lowest and highest values from the row definition or reporting tree definition, and then displays a list of accounts that are not in the row definition or reporting tree definition, but that are in the financial data. If a missing account is greater than or less than the values in the row definition, that account is not included in the list of missing accounts.

Tip Tip

For validation purposes, this process should be run before you generate monthly reports, and when you create new building blocks.

Reports that have ranges of values are less likely to encounter missing accounts. When possible, use ranges in the building block to include new accounts when they are created.

To search for duplicate accounts, see Report viewing options .

Run missing account analysis

If any report definition is set to @ANYcompany, then you can log on to a specific company and run a missing account analysis for that company.

Note Note

If a new company has been added in Management Reporter, you must add the new company to the reporting trees in any existing reports or the company will not be included in the missing account analysis.

  1. In Report Designer, click Tools, and then click Missing Account Analysis.

  2. In the Company filterfield, select a company to filter results on, or select All (no filter)to display results from all available companies.

  3. In the Dimension filterfield, select a dimension to filter results on, or select All (no filter)to view all dimension information for all available dimensions.

  4. In the Group byfield, select an option for sorting the results. You can sort results according to the building block that is affected, or you can sort results by dimension and value sets.

  5. Review the displayed results. When you select an item in the upper pane, the lower pane displays additional information about the exception. This includes related dimensions, values, and reports.

  6. To open the affected item, click the associated icon that is displayed in the list pane, or right-click the item and select Open. To select multiple items, hold down the Ctrl key as you select the items in the lower pane.

  7. If any values, building blocks, or reports are returned that should not be included in the analysis, right-click the item and select Exclude, or select the Excludecheck box next to the item to remove the item from the list. Excluded items are not included when the list is refreshed. To select multiple items, hold down the Ctrl key as you select the items in the lower pane.

    To view all items, included any results that you previously selected to exclude from the analysis, select the Show excluded building blocks and valuescheck box, and then click Refresh.

  8. Click Refreshto refresh exceptions that you have addressed. Click Yesto perform a full refresh of all of the results, or click Noto perform a partial refresh of addressed items.

    Note Note

    The form is automatically refreshed upon opening, unless the form has been opened in the last 15 minutes.

  9. When the issues are resolved, click OKto close the dialogue box.

Keyboard shortcuts for missing account analysis

When you run a missing account analysis in Management Reporter, the following keyboard shortcuts are available:

To do this

Use this keyboard shortcut

Filter by company


Filter by dimension


Select the Group byfield


Show excluded blocks and values


Refresh results


Exclude the selected building block


Exclude the selected row definition


Exclude the selected dimension value


Open the selected report definition


Open the selected row definition


For more information about keyboard shortcuts in Management Reporter, see Accessibility features in Management Reporter .

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