Microsoft Dynamics AX includes several features to help you customize the appearance of your workspace. For example, you can customize the list of buttons that appear in the Navigation Pane, and you can hide or display the Navigation Pane, the Favorites pane, or the content page.

Select which buttons to display in the Navigation Pane

You can easily customize the Navigation Pane to display only the buttons for the folders and forms that you use most.

  1. On the Viewmenu, click Navigation Pane Options.

  2. Select the check box for each button to display in the Navigation Pane.

    Tip Tip

    Click to reset the list of buttons to the default settings.

Show or hide elements of the workspace

Using the Viewmenu, you can show or hide the following areas of the Microsoft Dynamics AX workspace:

  • Task pane

  • Navigation Pane

    Note Note

    Hiding the Navigation Pane hides the entire left pane of the workspace, including the Favorites pane.

  • Favorites pane

  • Content page

Auto-hide the Navigation Pane

On the Viewmenu, click Auto-Hide Navigationto automatically collapse the Navigation Pane to the left side of the workspace, in the sidebar. You can expand the Navigation Pane again by moving your mouse pointer to the sidebar. When you expand the Navigation Pane in this way, the pane is displayed over any open forms. To collapse the pane again, click outside the pane. To remove this setting, click Auto-Hide Navigationon the Viewmenu again.

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