You can use the document management system in the section for several tasks. You can attach documents to business relations, contact persons, and sales quotes. You can also attach internal notes to activities and tasks. Additionally, you can create a standard quotation template, in the and sections, which is used when issuing quotations and merging quotation information.

The document management system in the section is built on the standard document management system for Microsoft Dynamics AX, but with increased visualizations and accessibility from the following forms in :

When you attach a document to a record in a form, the empty document icon changes to a book icon on the record line. This indicates that a document is attached to the active record. The document can be any type of file set up in the form ( > > ).

You can filter the documents in the form by employee or their date of creation. Select the check box to display all the documents that have been created for the active record (business relation, contact person, activity, campaign, and so on).

The document management system in the section uses the setup procedures and settings from the standard document management system. It also includes some unique document management settings.

The following topics provide information about document management.



Preview a document

How to preview an attached document.

Open a document

How to open and edit an attached document.

Send a document to a contact or an e-mail group

How to send a document to a contact person.


How to send a document to a mail group.

Drag and drop a document

How to use the drag-and-drop icon.

Copy a document

How to copy an attached document.

Copy documents to the Clipboard

How to use the clipboard function.

Create or copy a document

How to create an attached document.