You can synchronize your contacts, tasks, appointments, and activities between Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Office Outlook.

Synchronize contacts, appointments, and tasks

  1. Click > > > .

  2. Select the check boxes to synchronize , , or .

  3. If you are synchronizing your appointments, enter a and a .

  4. If you have already synchronized but want to force another synchronization, select the check box.

Synchronize private appointments, tasks, and recurring tasks

  1. Click the > > > tab.

  2. Select the check boxes in the section to synchronize your private tasks and appointments and your recurring appointments.

NoteImportant considerations about synchronization:

  • Group activities are synchronized for Microsoft Outlook appointments but not for tasks. Appointment attendees are synchronized, but task assignees are not synchronized.

  • Group activities are only synchronized between Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Outlook if the organizer activity is synchronized. For group activities, the organizer activity should first be synchronized and then either Microsoft Dynamics AX or Microsoft Outlook will create or update the attendee activities. If the organizer does not synchronize, then the attendee activities are not synchronized either.

  • The current version of the synchronization between Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Outlook is not designed to work when the client and the server are operating in different time zones.

  • Recurring activities are synchronized.

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