Course participants are employees, applicants, or contact persons taking part in a training course or event.

The minimum and maximum number of participants you can register for a course is defined on the tab of the form. After you update the course status to , you can begin registering participants.

If you create tracks and sessions for the course, in the form, you can display registration information for each attendee by clicking the button.

Manage participant status

This table describes how to manage a course participant's status:


Is assigned...

Automatically when you create a participant, providing that the maximum number of participants are not already registered for the course.

When you choose this option to confirm registration.

Automatically when you register a participant for a course that is already full. You can also assign this status manually.

Automatically when the course is , and the following conditions exist:

  • No questionnaires are planned for the participant.

  • The participant did not pass a required questionnaire.

Automatically when the course is , and the participant has passed a required questionnaire.

Automatically when you cancel a course.

Choose this option to indicate a participant's withdrawal from a course.

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