Record templates help you to speed up the creation of records in Microsoft Dynamics AX. You can create the following types of templates:

  • Templates that are available only to you ( )

  • Templates that are available to all users in the selected company ( )

  • Templates that are related to system forms, such as ( )

    Note Note

    Only the administrator should modify and delete company accounts and system templates, because these templates affect all users in the active company accounts and all companies, respectively.

Although you can apply templates only for the areas of Microsoft Dynamics AX that you have access to, all template titles are visible to you when you create a new record – and to other users, as well, if you are creating templates that will be available for all users. Be sure to consider this when naming templates. For example, avoid using names that include words such as "commission" if not all users are supposed to know that some employees in the company have commission-based salaries.

When you have created one or more templates for a specific form, a template dialog box appears when you create a new record in that form. When you select a template from the list, the new record is created and contains default information based on the template.

If you do not want to use templates when creating new records, you can turn off the feature. When the template selection dialog box appears, select the check box.

Note Note

To display the template selection dialog box again, right-click any record, click , and then click .

Create a record template

  1. In the active form, right-click the record to use as a template and click .

  2. In the form, select the button for the type of template to create.

  3. Type a name and a description for the template, and then click OK.

Modify a record template

  1. Click > > .

  2. Select the table that contains the template to modify.

    Note Note

    User record templates cannot be modified.

  3. Click the tab and select the template to modify.

  4. Click to open the template and make the changes. Press CTRL+S to save your changes.

Delete a system or company accounts record template

  1. Click > > .

  2. Select the table that contains the template to delete.

  3. Click the tab, select the template to delete, and press ALT+F9.

Delete a user record template

  1. Open the form that contains the user template to delete.

  2. Press CTRL+N to display the list of available templates.

  3. Select the template to delete and press ALT+F9.

  4. Press ESC to close the list of available templates.

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