Create budgets for all the external and internal project types in the section.

Creating budgets

To create a project budget, enter the expected consumption as forecast transactions on projects. Save forecast transactions to forecast models. Each forecast model makes up a separate budget.

For each forecast transaction that is entered, Microsoft Dynamics AX automatically suggests a forecast model. The suggested forecast model is set up in the parameters form for the project.

Maintaining project budgets

Budgets in the section can be copied, deleted, or transferred to a ledger.

  • When you copy a budget, you copy the forecast transactions of one forecast model to another forecast model. When you delete budgets, you delete the forecast transactions of a forecast model.

  • You can delimit the forecast transactions that you want to be copied or deleted by using specific transaction types and dates, which allows you to copy or delete specific parts of a budget.

  • When you transfer a budget to a ledger, you transfer the forecast transactions of a forecast model to a ledger budget model.

  • You can overwrite any previously transferred transactions in the ledger budget model to which you transfer your project budget.

Topics about budgets

The following topics provide information about creating and maintaining budgets



Enter forecast transactions

How to enter forecast transactions on a project.

View forecast transactions

Conceptual information about viewing forecast transactions that have been transferred.

Copy a budget

How to copy a budget or forecast transactions from one forecast model to another.

Delete a budget

How to delete a budget, or forecast transactions that you have previously created.

Transfer a budget to a ledger

How to transfer a budget or forecast transactions to a ledger budget transaction.

View budgets from statistics and reports

How to view budgets from both the reports and statistics areas.

Copy or transfer an item

How to copy or transfer an item requirement.