Use these procedures to delete purchase requisitions. Only the user who requested the items on the purchase requisition can delete purchase requisitions. When you delete purchase requisitions, the purchase requisition journals are not deleted.

You can delete purchase requisitions when they have one of the following statuses:

  • (all referenced purchase order lines that were created for the purchase requisition lines have been invoiced)

  • (all purchase order lines have been canceled, deleted, or both)

You cannot delete purchase requisitions with statuses of , , or . In these cases, the user who requested the items must first recall the purchase requisitions, and then delete them.

If you are a user who manages purchase requisitions and you have the necessary access, you can delete purchase requisitions – regardless of their status or your role in the purchase requisition workflow – using the form ( > > > ).

Delete purchase requisitions manually

Use this procedure to manually delete one or a few specific purchase requisitions using the list page.

  1. Click > Places> .

  2. Select the purchase requisition to delete and click .

Select and delete a set of purchase requisitions

Use this procedure when you want to select a set of purchase requisitions to delete at one time using the form.

  1. Click > > > .

  2. Select the purchase requisitions to delete using the following methods. You can use one or a combination of these fields to select the purchase requisitions to delete:

    • In the field, select the ID of the purchase requisition to delete.

    • In the field, select a user to delete any purchase requisitions that the user has created or that have been created for the user.

      Note Note

      If this user created purchase requisitions on behalf of another user, those purchase requisitions will not be deleted.

    • In the and fields, enter a range of dates to delete purchase requisitions that have been submitted within that period of time.

  3. Select the check box to delete purchase requisitions that have been approved, but for which purchase orders have not yet been created.

  4. Click OK.

    Note Note

    You also can click the tab to delete the requisitions as a batch process. For more information, see Prepare batch processing on the Batch tab.