You can enter batch criteria on the tab to run a job or report at a specific time or on a different computer. The batch job or report is submitted to a batch server, where the jobs are queued and run.

If you mark a task as private, that task can be run only by you from the form. (Click > > > .)

Use the button to set up a recurring pattern for a batch job.

Standard batch processing fields and button

The following fields and buttons are part of the standard batch-processing tab, and generally appear in the dialog box when you run batch-enabled functionality in Microsoft Dynamics AX, such as a report or a process.

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Some of the fields listed in this topic are not available on every tab.




Select to process this task in a batch. When you select this option, a batch job is created and this task is added to the job.

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The Microsoft Dynamics AX client does not have to be open for the job to run.

Enter a description for the batch.

Attach the job to a batch group.

Restrict other users from processing your batch job. A private job can be run only by the user who submitted it and only on the computer where the user is logged on.

View the next start date and time of the batch job.




Specify the start time, date, and a recurring pattern for the batch job.

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A start date or time is not required. When no start date or time is specified, the batch job runs as soon as a batch server becomes available..

Create an alert for the batch job.

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