After a production order has been estimated, the production can be scheduled on a broad level. Dates and other information critical to the production process at this stage are established and an anticipated production build schedule is created. The build schedule specifies the following information:

  • What is planned for production

  • Configurations

  • Quantities

  • Completion date

  • Work center groups

  • Number of hours required for setup and process or run time (per operation)

The operations schedule also drives master planning, which determines all material requirement calculations. Operation scheduling takes the following elements into consideration:

  • Backlogged productions – Items that are planned, released, or started

  • Material availability – Inventory, sub-production, suppliers, and vendors

  • Capacity availability – Work centers required to complete production

When this information is in place, operation scheduling can be run. When operation scheduling is complete, the status of the production changes to .

Main components of operations scheduling

The main components of operations scheduling are the planning method, the capacity of work centers, and material optimization.

These components allow you to complete the following:

  • Control the planning method (for example, forward or backward schedule from a date)

  • Schedule productions based on the capacity of the work centers (capacity optimization)

  • Figure in the use of alternate work centers

  • Schedule work centers exclusively

  • Schedule productions based on material availability (material optimization)

  • Schedule subproductions

Main outcome of operations scheduling

  • Dates are displayed in the relevant fields on the production order

  • A reservation automatically is generated for the necessary work centers

  • The status of the production is changed to scheduled

Cancellations still can be made to certain parts of the routing, which are included in the next phase of the production process. See the Production - Job scheduling (class form)for more information.

The form in lists the delivery to inventory times for all items. This information is vital when materials are critical to a production.

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