The form gives you an overview of your incoming alerts. In this form you can also see if your alerts are read or unread.

If you have unread alerts, an icon is available in the status area of your desktop and you can click it to view your unread alerts.

View alerts via the toolbar

  • Click the Notificationsicon on the Microsoft Dynamics AX workspace toolbar.

Note Note

The Microsoft Dynamics AX workspace toolbar is available only for developers. For more information, see Development access licenses.

View alerts via the main menu

  • Click Microsoft Dynamics AXmenu > View> Notifications.

View alerts via the status area

  • Click the bell icon in the status area.

Note Note

This option is only available if you have unread alerts.

View alerts via the pop-up

  • Click anywhere in a single or multiple alerts pop-up.

View alerts via the Manage alert rules form

  • Click > > > . Select an alert rule, and then click .

  • By using this method, you display only the alerts that are generated by the selected rule.

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