1. Click > , and then select the project with the transaction or transactions to be adjusted.

  2. Click > .

  3. Click to open the dialog box, select the appropriate parameters in this dialog box, and then click .

  4. In the form, select the transaction or the transactions to be adjusted, and then click to open the dialog box.

  5. When you have entered a number of lines for the adjustment transactions and (optionally) a set of new values, click in the dialog box.

  6. Change the values, as required, on the new lines in the lower pane of the form, and then check and post the transactions.

Note Note

The procedure applies only if all selected transactions should be adjusted to a specific project, category, or line status. To adjust specific transactions, see the following procedure.

Note Note

Any transactions that are adjusted but not posted are deleted.

Tip Tip

In the dialog box, the project, the category, and the line property can be changed for the selected transactions.

Also, one transaction can be split into more lines to make changes to only part of the transaction.

If the whole transaction is to be changed, type 1 in the field. If you want to make changes to only part of the transaction, type the number of lines that the transaction should be split into. If you split an uneven number of registrations into more lines, the remainder is added to the last line. See the example, later in this topic, of a transaction that is split into two lines.

Select specific transactions for adjustment

To select a specific transaction or a specific range of transactions for adjustment, click in the dialog box (under > > > > ), to select the project for the transaction or range of transactions in the dialog box.

Adjust transactions across projects

As an alternative method, choose under in the menu, and then select transactions for adjustment across projects.

Tip Tip

Transactions on a project cannot be adjusted until any invoice proposal that includes these transactions has been canceled. Cancel any invoice proposal or delete the appropriate proposal lines in the form before you create the adjustment lines.

Example of transaction split into two lines

Imagine that you have posted 25 hours on a project and that later you want to change the number to 15 hours, and you must invoice all 15 hours to the customer.

  1. Click in the form, and then create two adjustment lines.

  2. Enter 15 hours on one line and -10 hours on the second line. On the second line, you change the line property to non-chargeable.

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