A scorecard is a tool you can use to translate your company's visions and strategies into an integrated set of performance measurements. For each scorecard, you can define:

  • What it is you want to accomplish

  • How different business viewpoints will be impacted

  • How you want to measure progress toward the realization of your strategy.

Build a scorecard

Scorecards can be created new, or based on settings in an existing scorecard. When creating a new scorecard, create the five key scorecard components in the following order:

  1. Create or simply identify the that defines the strategic viewpoints of the scorecard.

    Later, when you create objectives (step three in this illustration), you need to assign each objective to the perspective to which it contributes.

  2. Create the scorecard itself to lay the foundation for the remaining components. You can create scorecards for an individual employee, an organization unit, or for the organization as a whole.

  3. Create objectives to define what you want to achieve within each perspective.

  4. Set up the measurements that define how you want to measure progress toward objectives.

  5. Set for your measurements to define your goals and milestones toward your objectives.

View scorecard information

You can view current performance results for all scorecard components by clicking > > . Components are sorted according to their perspectives so that you can easily monitor progress toward key strategic aspects.

Make a scorecard available on the World Wide Web

You can make scorecards available to individual or groups of people on the Enterprise Portal by creating cockpits for people in the network. The information displayed is the same as that displayed in the . They can view the information, but you cannot edit it.

Setup requirements

Before creating the scorecard you must create the following:



, , ,

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