Measurements define how you want to measure and monitor progress toward an objective, and are used to calculate and post transaction values to objectives. Each measurement consists of:

  • A target figure

  • A formula comprised of one or more elements used to calculate the value of the objective

  • The graphical indicator used to display its value

Post transactions to a measurement

You can post transactions to a measurement using:

  • A measurement journal to manually post transactions. This is useful, for example, for posting values maintained in a system that an element cannot connect to.

  • Measurement elements to automatically post transactions calculated using the formula.

Weight measurements

You can specify a weight for a measurement to define its importance in relation to others in the same objective. The combined weight of all measurements in an objective must equal 100. Therefore, the weight assigned to one measurement is directly proportional to the weight assigned to all other measurements created for the objective, such that measurementA + measurementB + measurementC + measurementD = 100.

Check measurements

Before posting to a measurement, you can check your set up and simulate calculations by using:


Is used to...

Check that the , , and are properly set up.

Simulate posting to a selected to verify that the queries produce the expected results, or to view the current status. Values are not updated, and no transactions are posted.

Update measurements

You can update the values in a measurement using:

The button in the dialog box to calculate the measurement's value according to its formula.

  • A measurement journal to manually post a transaction to the measurement.

You can update transactions for all measurements at the same time by clicking > .

Delete measurements

If you want to delete measurements to which you have posted a transaction, you can do so by clicking and selecting .

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