You can create directory records in the form in two ways. When you are creating a record, such as a customer, employee, or competitor record, the information that you enter will automatically be copied into a new record in the form.

However, if you do not know what type of record that you need to create, or if the person or organization will represent more than one entity in the company, you can create a new directory record by using the form.

Create a record in the Global address book

  1. Click > , and then click CTRL+N.

  2. Select whether the record is for a person or for an organization, and enter the name. When you enter the name, the search name field will automatically populate with the name that you entered. You can modify the search name.

  3. If the directory record is for an organization, enter organization information on the tab. If the directory record is for a person, enter professional naming and language preferences on the tab, and enter any known personal information.

  4. Enter address and communication preferences for the directory record whether it is a person or an organization.

  5. On the tab, set up any relationships to other entities or records that are listed in the form.

  6. Click to search for a duplicate directory record, merge any duplicate records already found, add the directory records to the list of contacts, or update the form.