You do not have to do these steps in order, but you will find it helpful to perform all tasks included here in the order given if possible.

Prepare the database for currency conversion

  • Click > > > > , select the check box, and click OKto save the configuration.

  • Click > > .

  • On the tab, change the triangulation currency, if any, to the new company currency (EUR).

  • Create a backup of the database.

  • There must be enough disc space for duplicating the company account you are converting and for creating an additional backup of the whole database after duplicating the company account.

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX must be called and the company account to be converted must be selected.

  • Perform a check of the amounts before the conversion in > > > with submenus and that contain several reports for checking the amounts in company currency. You must run all reports before starting the conversion to be sure that all amounts are correct.

  • Run the report under .

    When the check runs without errors, the report is empty.

Note Note

If one or more of the reports print errors, the incorrect data must be corrected before the conversion.

  • Close previous fiscal years, including the following activities:

    • For the day before the opening date of the current fiscal year, a closing of the inventory must be run in , > > .

    • must be generated for the current fiscal year in > > .

    • For all periods of the previous fiscal years the status must be set to in > > > .

    • must be run in the form.

  • Create a copy of the company account that shall be converted.

    All data in the company account must be copied into a new company account so that after the conversion, the new company account contains the original data of the previous fiscal years. Therefore the company account must be duplicated by calling in the form in .

    Note Note

    If the company account to be converted belongs to a virtual company, it must not be duplicated but the data must be exported and imported into a newly-created company account, because otherwise the shared data is not copied. The shared data will no longer be shared in the new company account. The reason for doing so is that virtual companies cannot be copied.

Make required changes to the company account undergoing currency conversion

  • Enable the configuration keys and under .

  • If it does not exist, create a currency code for the new company currency (EUR).

  • Create two ledger accounts for the posting types and .

  • Set up the and ledger accounts in the form, and create system accounts for , and if they do not already exist.

  • If the product amounts are very small, it is possible that they will be converted to zero. To void this, increase the property NoOfDecimalsof the extended data type in the Application Object Tree (AOT). The default value of this property is 2. After changing the extended data type, the Data dictionarymust be synchronized.

  • Another backup of the whole Microsoft Dynamics AX database must be created.