A workflow consists of elements. A workflow element may be a task, approval process, or subworkflow process. The following workflow example contains each of these elements.

The following sections describe each element.


A taskis a unit of work that must be performed by the assigned user. For example, a purchase requisition workflow may have tasks that require the assigned users to:

  • Add a vendor to each line item.

  • Review each line item.

  • Call the vendor.

To add a task to a workflow, a software developer must first create the task. Information about how to create a task is included in the Microsoft Dynamics AX developer documentation ( Microsoft Dynamics AXmenu > Help> Developer Help).

After a developer has created a task, you can add it to a workflow and configure it. For more information, see Configure a task.

Approval process

An approval processis a process that consists of separate steps. The user at each approval step can:

  • Approve the document.

  • Reject the document.

  • Request a change to the document.

  • Assign the document to another user for approval.

For information about how to add and configure an approval process, see Configure an approval process.

Subworkflow process

A subworkflow processis a process that runs one or more subworkflows.

A subworkflowis a workflow that runs within the context of another workflow. For example, in the previous illustration there is a subworkflow process. This process runs two subworkflows:

  • Subworkflow 1 is designed to process purchase requisitions for Northwind Traders.

  • Subworkflow 2 is designed to process purchase requisitions for Adventure Works.

For more information about how to add and configure a subworkflow process, see Configure a subworkflow process.