You create the questions for a questionnaire in > > .

Depending on your selection in the list, you can create two kinds of questions:

  • Closed questions- These should be worded so that respondents can choose from a predefined list of answers. For example, closed questions should call for specific facts. When creating closed questions, select either the , , or . If you want to allow respondents to select more than one answer, select the input type.

  • Open questions- These should be worded so that respondents enter their answers in a field as text, or a number, a date, or a time, which cannot be predefined in a list. For example, open questions might call for an opinion.

Note Note

Before you create closed questions you must create the answers in the About answer groups.

Conditional questions

You can create questions that are linked to a specific answer that is assigned to a closed question. The conditional question is presented on the questionnaire if this answer is chosen.

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