Answer groups contain the set of answers, or response options, for closed questions on a questionnaire. After you have created an answer group, in the field of the form ( > > ), you can associate the answer group with a question.

You can reuse the same answer group for different questions.

Set presentation sequence

You can control the order in which the answers in an answer group appear on a questionnaire. This is done from the form in one of two ways:

  • By clicking and then entering a sequence number to define each answer's place in the order.

  • Selecting the check box to display the answers in a random order. When you do so, the sequence number of the answers becomes irrelevant.

Edit answer groups

Editing answer text in answer groups that have been used on completed questionnaires can make the evaluation of data difficult. Consider creating a new answer group instead.

Note Note

You cannot delete answer groups that are attached to a question or answer, or that have been answered.

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