Use this procedure to create a request for quote from a planned purchase order. The planned purchase is changed to a request for quote.

Note Note

To create requests for quotes from planned purchase orders, we recommend that you set up the master plan to include requests for quotes. For more information, see Set up requests for quotes.

  1. Click > Common> .

  2. Select one or more planned purchase order.

  3. Click > .

  4. In the dialog box, click OKto create the request for quote.

    The planned purchase order is removed from the form and a request for quote is created for the vendor specified on the planned purchase order in the form.

    Information about vendor, item number, purchase quantity, unit, buyer group, and delivery date is transferred from the planned purchase order to the request for quote.

Note Note

If you select multiple planned purchase orders, you can choose to create separate requests for quotes per vendor or group them into one request for quote by selecting the check box in the dialog box.

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