Consolidating the accounts of various subsidiaries can be time-consuming, and sometimes the records that were created for one subsidiary must be revised. Instead of repeating the consolidations of all the subsidiaries, you can delete the transactions that were created from a particular subsidiary and then run that consolidation again.

  1. Click > > .

  2. On the tab, view the list of periodic jobs by subsidiary that contribute to the consolidated company.

  3. To view the ledger or budget transactions from a particular subsidiary in a selected consolidation periodic job, click , and then click (ledger) or .

Note Note

To view all consolidation transactions in a particular consolidated company ledger account: Click > , select the account, and then click .

  1. To delete the transactions in the selected consolidation, click . Use this function to remove old consolidation data from the database and to remove subsidiary data that needs to be added again.

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You can also print reports and financial statements to present the results of the consolidated company as the consolidation nears completion. For more information, see Financial statements.

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