A financial statement is a statement of a company's financial state at the end of a defined period. It can include an operating statement (an income statement that shows the results in terms of profit and loss of normal business activities), a balance sheet (assets and liabilities), and other financial information.

After you design a financial statement, you can quickly and easily produce financial statements for each of your financial periods and for the entire year.

You can design a financial statement by using ledger accounts alone. Because the ledger account functions as a dimension when you create financial statements, it must be set up as a dimension focus.

For more complex financial statements, combine any of your company dimensions— , , and (as well as ledger account)—in a variety of dimension focuses. For more information, see Dimensions.

Cash flow statement– The cash flow statement is a financial statement that tracks the flow of cash within the company in a given period. It is an accounting requirement in some countries or regions for certain types of companies, such as publicly traded companies. In Microsoft Dynamics AX, you can build a cash flow statement with the same tools that you use for financial statements.

Other reporting options– You can continue to use the array of predefined reports in the module that provide you with instant information about the financial state of your company. If you prefer the financial statement from previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX, you can ask your IT professional to help you access the necessary forms in the Application Object Tree.

The following topics explain how to use the new financial statement:



Design the row structure of a financial statement

Instructions for designing the rows of a form, including details about the row structure and information about the rows of a cash flow statement.

Design the rows and columns of a financial statement

Instructions for designing the rows and columns of a specific financial statement and determining the level of detail of the rows that are to be printed in the financial statement report.

Generate, print, and export a financial statement

Instructions for generating, printing, and exporting a financial statement.

Set up file formats for the export of a financial statement

Instructions for setting up file formats for the export of a financial statement.

Import and set up XBRL taxonomies

Instructions for using XBRL taxonomy in a financial statement.

About the cash flow statement

Conceptual information about the cash flow statement.

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