To find data in Microsoft Dynamics AX, you have several options:

  • Filter the records in the active table using multiple criteria for multiple fields, press CTRL+K.

  • Search multiple tables in the database, use . For more information, see Perform a global search.

Find data using multiple criteria (CTRL+K)

  1. In the active table, select a field that you want to search, and then press CTRL+K.

  2. In the Find: Name of the fielddialog box, type your search criteria and press Enter.

  3. To add other criteria to your search, repeat step one and two.

    Note Note

    When you use CTRL+K for searching, the filter in the table is not removed, so the result of the first search is used for the second search and so on.


You want to find all customers with account number starting with 400 and that contain the text "Light" in their names.

Select the customer account field and press CTRL+K to define the first search criterion. Type 400*to find all customer accounts starting with 400.

Select the name field and press CTRL+K to define the second search criterion. Type *Light*to find all customers that contain the text " Light" in their names.

The list now displays all customer accounts from 4000 through 4009 that contain the text " Light" in their names.

Note Note

To view the active filter, press CTRL+F3.

To create an advanced query, press CTRL+F3. Define the ranges of your query by using Advanced filtering and query options.

To remove filters, click the Remove Filter/Sortbutton on the toolbar or press CTRL+SHIFT+F3.

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