You use four forms in the module to set up interest calculations.

  1. Click > > .

  2. On the tab, in the field, select the transactions for which you want to calculate interest.

  3. Select or clear the check box.

  4. Click > > > .

  5. Create interest codes with interest calculations.

    For each interest code, enter values in relevant fields on the and tabs. You can change the default values that appear in some of the fields. For more information about the fields, see Interest setup (form).

  6. Click > > .

  7. For each customer posting profile that you want to set up interest calculations for:

    1. On the tab, select the check box.

    2. On the tab, select a value in the lookup field.

  8. Click > > > .

  9. On the tab, enter values in the relevant fields about the format of company interest notes.

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