Use this form to set up an invoice for a time and material project.

You can invoice project transactions per project contract or by project.

Invoice per project contract

  1. Click > .

  2. Select the project contract to be invoiced.

  3. Click > to open the form.

  4. Click and enter the appropriate parameters in the dialog box. The invoice proposal is created in the form, providing an overview of the transactions available for invoicing. Invoice transactions are sorted on separate tabs.

    Note Note

    Transactions from both the projects and subprojects attached to the project contract are included in the invoice proposal.

  5. Examine the contents of the invoice and the transactions attached to it.

    Note Note

    If, when you examine the invoice proposal, you find that some of the information requires adjustment, delete the line from the proposal and adjust the transaction. Alternatively, depending on the number of adjustments, you can cancel the whole invoice proposal, adjust transactions, and create the invoice proposal again.

  6. Click and print the invoice from the dialog box.

  7. The invoice is now posted. You can view the posted transactions in the form.

Invoice per project

  1. Click > .

  2. Select the project to be invoiced.

  3. If you want to include transactions from any attached subprojects in the invoice proposal, you must select the check box.

The remaining steps of this procedure correspond to the procedure earlier in this article for invoicing per project contract.

Note Note

To use in the form, you must enable the approve parameters in the form. Select the check box, and select a user group on the list.

Tip Tip

Run the report, located in > , to make sure that all hour registrations to be included in the invoice are reported.

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